Beyond the Borders are back once again! This time we are truly beyond the borders (of Latvia and our/yours imagination). Now beton-beat sound system is established in much warmer place then Latvia. Our sound system shakes the ground and mountains of Spain now, cracking the walls of our squat!

This time united in duo-experimental-elektro project SX 'n' Cheap6 combo. Check out our newest noizZZZ on our Stormcloud of sound or in the play-R on top of the page. Join our sect on F-book! Keep connected and we'll keep the information flowing into your brains!

The main reason we're doin' this F-book n blogspot thingy now is that we're gonna go on tour late spring 2013. A special kind of tour - THE BIKE TOUR!!! That's right we gonna roll to your town/village/city on a pedal powered vehicles. The best invention of human kind! Our previous van-tours ended up a disaster due car problems, so this time we gonna roll on wheels that we rely on 100%!!!

The plan is to start the bike tour middle of may from Barcelona and ride in direction of France. Make a betonized - Tour - de - France circle and ride back to Barcelona.

So this is our plan!

View BTB BIKE TOUR 2013 in a larger map

We gonna start from Barcelona, go in direction of France, mainly along the Mediterranean coast. Passing Girona, Perpignan, Montpellier, Marselle, turning around at Italian border (or maybe not), going north: Grenoble, Lyon, Dijon, Nancy, turning around in direction of Spain and going back in direction of Toulouse...

Red marker is the beginning of our journey, blue markers are the places where people offered os help and yellow markers are place we would like to play.

If you want our pedal powered sound system blast beton-beats in your local neighborhood, drop us a line on F-book  or mail stuffx (A) inbox.lv! 

PS More updates are coming soon!!!

PPS Pardon to our homies from LV for not speaking mother(fucking) language, it's not actual now. But we keep true in our lyrics :)